Rubio Monocoat USA Relocates Headquarters to Austin, TX with new Training Facility.

15 March 2018
Previously located in Oxnard, CA, Rubio Monocoat USA has relocated its headquarters to Spicewood, TX. The new facility is fully operational as of Jan 2018.   

Rubio Monocoat USA Team outside of new Austin, TX headquarters

​There are two major reasons for a move halfway across the country. Operations and Finance Director Jess Card said, "We heard the call from many of our customers that we needed to improve our shipping times. We are in the age where the expectation is that everything should be delivered in two days to my door for free. Moving to the middle of the country allows us to service almost all customers within 2-3 days and allows us to get product from Europe in half the time. On top of that we are committed to and focused on training, and this move allowed us the space to create a really beautiful and comprehensive training center."

The new 10,000 sq ft facility contains 2,500 sq ft of office space, 2,500 sq ft of training center, and 5,000 sq ft of warehousing space. 


The new offices required hard work from the Rubio Monocoat USA team as well as incorporating various collaborations with skilled Rubio users. "It is really unbelievable how committed and dedicated our staff has been to making this facility what it is. From making the decision to move out here, to stepping up and handling every detail of the build out, I could not be more happy and thankful to our team,” said Jess Card. 

The new offices feature wood flooring from WD Flooring (Laona, WI) installed by a Brandon Santiago (Cleveland Hardwood Restoration), Steve Bumpus (Farmington Valley Flooring) and Tito.

Rubio Monocoat USA Conference Room with King of Colors wall

The conference room includes our King of Colours Wall made up of Wall Planks finished using one of every Oil Plus 2C, Precolor Easy and Hybrid Wood Protector colors we offer. The conference table was created by a Delta Millworks using a Shou Sugi Bahn process and seats up to 12. 

Rubio Monocoat conference room floor was finished onsite using a cerusing technique.

Our conference room floor is 10” White Oak flooring that was sanded by Daniel Boone (American Sanders)  and site finished by Allan Nery (RMC USA) and Johannes Boonstra (RMC USA). They used Precolor Easy “Mystic Brown” and then a custom blend of Oil Plus 2C (3 parts Mud Light to 1 part Pure). 


The 2,500 sq ft of training center allows for the education geared towards flooring, woodworking and industrial finishing. 

Rubio Monocoat Sand & Finish Training School facility.

We have relationships with American Sanders & Norton Abrasives to offer training classes geared towards flooring in our 2-room training area which includes a doorway and a set of stairs (not pictured) to learn specific and relevant techniques.

Festool tools in the Rubio Monocoat training facility in Austin, TX

Our relationship with Festool USA will allow us to offer classes geared towards the woodworking community. 

Stanza Machinery Industrial Roll Coat Line in the new Rubio Monocoat training facility in Austin, TX

Our relationship with Stanza Machinery will allow us to train on the use of our Industrial finishes which include our Oil Plus 2C, Oil UV R2, Oil UV R2 Topcoat, and Nano Industrial.


The 5,000 sq ft of warehouse space allows us to stock an extensive range of product and colours in a safe and organized way. 

Rubio Monocoat warehouse in Austin, TX

Rubio Monocoat Warehouse in Austin, TX

We are really excited to share this facility with all of you and are looking forward to the future.

-Rubio Monocoat USA

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