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  • Spring Cleaning - Interior
    Make your spring cleaning easy and stress-free this year.   Read more
  • Eurofins Indoor Air comfort Gold
    Rubio Monocoat is the first one in the wood-treatment sector to achieve the ‘Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold’ label. We are very proud to add this certificate to our track record. Read more
  • Проект месяца - Март 2018
    Cargo это уникальный поп-ап ресторан, в котором можно вкусно поесть. Хоть он и был быстро возведен, но качеству было уделено первостепенное значение. “Отделка продуктми Rubio Monocoat подошла этому проекту по всем параметрам: простая, быстрая и качественная обработка, быстрое высыхание и хороший сервис”, так говорят об опыте использования масла дизайнеры по интерьерам компании Inside Building. Read more
  • Project of the month - February 2018
    Rubio Monocoat is the reference when it comes to high quality and environmentally friendly wood protection. That is one reason why Shackpalace chose Rubio Monocoat. “We used Rubio Monocoat because it is zero VOC, which is really important to us,” says Samara from Shackpalace Rituals. Read more
  • New Colour Trends 2018
    Rubio Monocoat has been the king of colours on wood since 2005, and after the great succes of our RMC Colour Trends 2017 in the past year, we are happy to introduce our RMC Colour Trends 2018. ​Based on the colour trends for interior design, we again developed some gorgeous collections. This time it's split up into two different atmospheres: Arctic Adventures and the Eastern Encounters. Read more
  • Project of the month - January 2018
    The herringbone pattern used to be very exclusive and was mainly used in stylish residences. Nowadays, herringbone floors can be found in both classic and modern interiors. It can add an elegant classic twist to any modern room. However, the unique herringbone pattern can also give a classic room a very trendy look. Read more
  • Project of the month - December 2017
    Meet Roxy. A bit cheeky, a bit sultry - with curves in all the right places, handcrafted by the professionals of James Henry Ltd flooring and Rubio Monocoat New-Zealand.
      Read more
  • Project of the month - November 2017
    At The Barbecue Store in Lima (Peru) they know all about good grilling and sizzling hot steaks, but they also know how important it is to have that special area to do all of this.  Read more
  • Project of the month - October 2017
    “She” is a young company. Vasily Pepelyaev created a wide range of plates, serving boards, spoons, etc. to use in the kitchen. "She" is inspired by the beauty and harmony which woman are sending to our world! “She” products are not produced - they are created. Read more
  • Project of the month - September 2017
    A classical Georgian townhouse with a modern twist
    A young family contacted the guys from Bath Bespoke after moving from London into a gorgeous Georgian townhouse in the center of Bath. The townhouse was typically Georgian with stunning high ceilings but in need of a slight renovation. Read more
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