Rubio EasyFlow

Rubio® EasyFlow is a self-levelling cement-bound levelling material of high-quality aluminium cement, aggregates, additional binders and chemical additives. It is a premixed dry powder developed for use as a thin levelling floor.
  •  Application: To be applied in one treatment over a thickness of 3 to 15 mm. Smooth the self-levelling compound out with a rustproof spatula and vent with a de-aerating roller. It is normally possible to walk over the floor after 1 or 2 hours. Subjecting it to a full load is possible depending on climatic circumstances. After 24 hours the parquet can be laid. Any residual moisture from the self-levelling compound will react with the self-levelling compound.
  • Subfloor: Rubio® EasyFlow must be applied on a well-prepared subfloor. Dust, grease or weak materials should be removed. Priming should always be carried out before levelling.
  • Min. floor temperature: +6° C 
  • Adding water: 19% (4,75 l / 25 kg bag)
  • Material consumption: ca. 1.75 kg per mm of thickness/m² 
  • Hardening time: Walkable after 1 or 2 hours /  The parquet can be laid after 24 hours. Any residual moisture from the self-levelling compound will react with the welf-levelling compound if the addition of water    (19% = 4,75 l / 25 kg bag) was exactly fulfilled
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