Rubio EasyPrimer 2C -Epoxy

Rubio EasyPrimer Epoxy 2C – Epoxy is a high-quality water-based two-component epoxy primer. This primer is almost odourless and contains no VOC. In one layer, the primer can be used as a screed hardener for poor quality substrates. From the second layer, it functions as a moisture barrier. Rubio® EasyPrimer Epoxy is compulsory when used on screeds with underfloor heating as well as granulating and anhydrite screeds and when renovating existing floors with old residual adhesive.
<li>0% VOC</li> 
<li>Packaging: Set 2 x 2,5 kg bottle</li> 
<li>Viscous layer</li> 
<li>Almost odourless</li> 
<li>Fast drying</li> 
<li>Suitable for underfloor heating</li> 
<li>Open time: ca. 1 hour</li> 
<li>Simple 1:1 mixture</li> 
<li>Colour Epoxy A: green/Epoxy B: grey</li> 
<li>Apply with brush, block brush or primer roller.</li> 
<li>Consumption: 150-250 g/m² per layer, depending on porosity</li> 
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