Rubio References

Wheat House Private Residence

Project Type:

Private Residence



Locations :

Pretoria, South Africa



Surface Area (m²/Sq Ft)

200 m2 +


RMC Oil Plus 2C, Colour Smoke, was specified and applied on the interior FinOak flooring in this private residence in Pretoria. This large open plan home required flooring that naturally flowed from room-to-room, avoiding seams between areas.

The homeowners, a young family, were looking for a warm, modern and timeless floor throughout their home.  These long and wide FinOak planks came in a clear grade, with no visible knots.

Wide plank wood flooring is increasingly popular due to it’s beauty and fewer seams. The light wood stain highlights the natural beauty of the flooring and seals and protects the floor.

Endorsement Statement:

“We recommend using Rubio Monocoat to seal, colour, protect and finish any FinOak installations. We have had great results using RMC, along with our continuous customer satisfaction, the RMC product range and great aftercare service".
- Sasha Kozinsky (FinFloor CEO)
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