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Below is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Q: Can I use it on a cutting board?

    We don’t recommend it on cutting boards because our oil does not penetrate as deep as a knife will cut. This will cause raw wood to be exposed over time and this could lead to bacteria growth. However it is acceptable to use on charcuterie/serving boards.
  • Q: Can I put a lacquer or poly over Oil Plus 2C finish?

    We cannot guarantee adhesion, so you must discuss this with the poly or lacquer manufacturer.
  • Q: Are your products food safe?

    We do not recommend eating our product which is what food safe implies, but you can finish wood surfaces where food prep occurs with our product.
  • Q: Can I use Rubio over our existing finish?

    No, Oil Plus 2C must come in contact with raw cellulose in order to properly work.
  • Q: How can I add more sheen?

    Rubio Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil can be applied over Oil Plus 2C to increase the sheen level by 6-8%. Universal Maintenance Oil should not be applied to raw wood.
  • Q: Does Rubio Monocoat require a topcoat?

  • Q: Do I have to use multiple coats for certain species of wood?

    Because the product will not bond to itself, multiple coats are not needed. On softer species like walnut, a second application may be necessary to make sure that all areas have fully had the opportunity to react with the oil.
  • Q: Can I use over the counter cleaner(s)?

    No, most over the counter cleaners have solvents or caustic qualities that could strip the protective properties of the finish.
  • Q. How soon can you apply Rubio oil after water popping?

    Once the surface is dry. We recommend using a moisture meter to be sure.
  • Q: Can I cover the floors after they’ve been finished with RMC oil?

    Wood floors finished with Oil Plus 2C can be covered with a non-staining construction paper 48 hours after application. Please remember, never tape directly to the floor. Only tape paper to paper. Covering the floor will extend the cure time.
  • Q: How long will my finished RMC floors last?

    A lifetime with proper maintenance. We would expect the first maintenance to be needed somewhere between 2 and 5 years depending on wear.
  • Q: Does it work on all species?

  • Q: What is your recommended final sanding grit? What are your sanding guidelines?

    Recommended sanding grit is 120. We recommend sanding according to industry guidelines.
  • Q: How do I treat spots or scratches?

    Depending on what caused the spot or scratch, there are generally three ways to fix them:

    1.       Surface Care Spray

    2.       Eco Refresh

    3.       Applying more oil to the scratch.

    See our maintenance instructions here.
  • Q: Do you have a color chart or card to show customers?

    Yes, you can get one from dealers or order them online, or send us an email and we can email you the pdf version.
  • Q: Do you have a clear oil in Oil Plus 2C?

    Pure is our unpigmented color, but it will warm/richen the wood.
  • Q: Where can you buy RMC?

    Find your closest dealer using our Dealer Search Function
  • Q: How do I apply OP2C?

    See application instructions here.
  • Q: Is Rubio Oil+2C recommended for outdoor furniture.

    No, we recommend Hybrid Wood Protector for all exterior applications.
  • Q: How many colors does Oil+2C come in?

    55 colors and growing.
  • Q. How long do I have to wait to walk on the floor after applying Oil Plus 2C?

    You can walk on the floor with dry socks 8 hours after a proper application.
  • Q: Can I use HWP for Interior purposes?

    Yes, but only on vertical surfaces and furniture. We recommend Oil Plus 2C for interior wood floors.
  • Q. How soon can I apply Universal Maintenance Oil?

    48 hours after the proper application of Oil Plus 2C.
  • Q. How many coats are required?

    One coat is all that is required.
  • Q: Is it really 0% VOC?

  • Q. How long does RMC Oil Plus 2C take to cure?

    Liquid resistance in 48 hours. Full cure within 6 days.
  • Q: How can I find a dealer near me?

  • Q: What is the ideal temp. to apply HWP?

    60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Q: Is Part B 0% VOC?

  • Q: How often should I clean my floor?

    As often as you like. The Rubio Surface Care Spray has no solvents or oil, so nothing is being added to the finish with the cleaning.
  • Q: Do all your quantities for Oil Plus 2C come with the Part B accelerator?

    Part A comes in 20ml and 100ml sizes. Oil Plus 2C comes in 350ml and 1.3L sizes.
  • Q: Is Part B/accelerator required/mandatory?

    It is required for floors and horizontal surfaces.
  • Q: We have our floors finished using Rubio Monocoat and are wondering how to clean them. What is the best thing to use on the floors when cleaning? What should we NEVER use?

    Rubio Monocoat Surface Care Spray is the best product to clean your floors. This can be done as often as you would normally clean your floors. (Weekly, bimonthly, or as spills occur, etc) Additionally, vacuuming or dry mopping with a microfiber mop works well.
  • Q: What is the spread rate of Oil Plus 2C?

    Depending on species and prep, 300-500 square feet per liter.
  • Q: How long does Oil Plus 2C last (pot life) after it’s been mixed?

    Once mixed, you have 6 hours to use the product. Please only mix what you are going to use in the 6 hour time period.
  • Q. Is Part B required for HWP?

    Up to 10% Part B should be added to Hybrid Wood Protector for all horizontal surfaces.
  • Q: What temperature should Rubio be applied at?

    Between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal.
  • Q: Do you produce sample chips to ship?

    Because of the varying wood prep and species, we do not produce samples. You can view our sample swatches here or purchase our sample size bottles here.
  • Q. If I don’t have raw wood cleaner, what else can I use to tac/clean the floor?

    We recommend using Raw Wood Cleaner.
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