House Hisquin - The Dunes




Wilderness, Western Cape, Sudáfrica


Eddie Da Silva Architects


+ 50m²

Project Overview:
Rubio Monocoat was specified on the interior and exterior timber surfaces of this 1260m² home in Wilderness. RMC Oil Plus 2C, and RMC HWP was applied on the interior and exterior furniture, kitchen counter top, built-in cupboards, flooring, as well as the timber staircase.

Eddie Da Silva Architects is an Architectural firm based in Wilderness, with an interior design showroom in George, Western Cape. They design high-end residential homes, and create custom furniture pieces to complete interiors and turn-key projects. 

Endorsement Statement:
"Rubio Monocoat is such a great product. We use it mainly on oak timber in most of our projects. The product prevents the oak from turning yellow, and gives a smooth easy feel finish texture, feeling like a second skin. A great durable product, that all our clients are very satisfied with as the end result." 

- Eddie Da Silva (Eddie Da Silva Architects) 
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