Lanzerac Hotel & Spa






Stellenbosch, Sudáfrica

Tipos de madera




In May 2017, the Main Building which housed the lounge, dining, reception area, and the Taphuis Bar, was gutted in a fire. Only the walls were left standing and all of its contents were destroyed. Because of the historic significance of the building, the project team needed to move through a strenuous process of permissions and approvals to start the rebuild. Part of the brief, was to ensure that as far as possible, original materials would be used, that would reflect the previous look and feel, making the sourcing and availability of crucial importance. 

This building in particular, dates back to the early 1700's and finding timber for the roof structure was a challenge. They decided to use Spruce. 

The biggest drawback of using Spruce is that it is a very light and pale coloured timber. To achieve the aged look and feel of the original timber, they used Rubio Monocoat's PreColor and Hybrid Wood Protector.

The end result is a finish with an aged and completely natural look that not only fits perfectly with the surroundings, but also enhances it. 

RMC PreColor Smoked brown and HWP Teak applied to: Spruce Ceilings, Trusses, Floating Purlins and Mock Beams. 

"It was fantastic to be able to rely on the professionalism and support of the Sales Team and the Technical Department of Rubio Monocoat, in their concerted effort to ensure that we got what we wanted from a product that already ticks all the right boxes in terms quality, finish, durability and environmental friendliness. Another major advantage is the ease and simplicity of the application. It is a very forgiving product!"  - Con van der Colff  (Project Coordinator) 

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